Follow My Lead Horsemanship is a private horse training facility which concentrates on quality care for your horse and training that gives you results. We will take the time to teach you all the tools you need to gain or re-gain confidence on the ground and in the saddle.

Our focus starts on the ground! We believe that you first have to be able to fully control/communicate with your horse and gain his respect from the ground before even thinking about riding him. Everything you teach your horse on the ground will go a long way under saddle and will fix most of your horse's behavior problems. Our main goal is your safety and the safety of your horse with training results that will last ...we have a very comprehensive training programs that doesn't include shortcuts.

If you are not willing to question and re-evaluate yourself don't bother investing in training because Respect is not transferable.
Your commitment, patience and consistency are also key for success! When you become a confident leader, your horse becomes happier more relaxed and only then a true partnership can start.

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Thank you for considering Follow My Lead Horsemanship for your equine partner!


Amenities /Training


- Fully insolated 6 stall barn
- 60' round pen
- 100'x100' outdoor arena
- Green pasture turn out day&night (weather permitting)
- Access to miles of trails
- Minimum 5 days/week training...more if necessary (weather permitting)
- Training lessons

We will only work with horses who are physically fit, have no health issues and have proper hoof care. Upon arrival, owner will have to provide a copy of a 2016 negative coggins test. We reserve the right to stop training a horse if we feel he's not fit to work and no refund will be awarded to owner.
All horses will be wormed by us within the first week of arrival.
Owner is also responsible for providing any sheet, blanket, fly mask, cooler...etc... for their horse.

Training monthly fee: $700

We can also schedule private/group clinics. Call or e-mail us with your information and needs...



We will again accept horses in training starting in April!
If you are considering FMLH for your horse, please contact us in March so we can start communicating and decide if we are a good fit for you. If you are still interested, we will schedule a visit where we come to see you work with your horse and where you also come to check out our facility. If we think that we can help you, and believe that our training method would match your personality and needs, we can then move forward and send you a training contract. Once we receive your signed contract and your deposit ($200 non-refundable)...your spot for your horse is reserved.

Other Options:

Private Lessons: we can offer you one on one lessons with your horse. Each lesson can focus on your individual goals/needs and give you the tools to continue practicing. Lessons can be offered at our facility where you can choose to trailer your horse to for an hour or the whole day or we can come to you.

Clinics are also a great way to advance your horsemanship skills. Get a group of people and contact us for scheduling/pricing. We can come to you or you can come to us!
Our clinics focus on ground work and a series of exercises that will grow your confidence and improve the communication between you and your horse. Once ground control is established, only then saddle work can start.

Please, know that we are not offering horseback riding lessons. You will benefit the most from our lessons/clinics if you can already show great balance at the walk, trot and canter.


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